Value Based Care for Digital Therapeutics

The opportunity to feel better, more connected, and with less propensity to fall into risky behavior, is at the touch of your fingertips. If you are an addict in recovery, the digital revolution may finally be ready to support your growth towards living a healthy lifestyle. For years, the research community has known that even basic sms messaging campaigns can offer support to patients in early recovery, with increased success of abstinence, and that access and use of digital recovery support services decrease risky substance use and promote client attrition


What does this mean for clinicians who are interested in updating their treatment models with the latest research? If we break the process down into time and action oriented increments, and look at the touch points that further enhance the therapeutic relationship, the therapy model has the opportunity for transformation into a skills based model wherein digital devices assist the therapist-patient relationship that has traditionally been confined to a once-weekly point of interaction. Tracking usage and effectiveness is key to incentivizing therapists to onboard more digital recovery supports, and even expanding care for all individuals seeking recovery, not only from substance use. The Value Based care model offers an opportunity for clinicians to be reimbursed for adoption of digital therapeutic usage with patients.


Technotherapy brings technology to the clinical recovery space by educating behavioral health providers, researchers, payers and patients on how to best use (and pay for) technology assisted recovery supports.

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