Behavioral Health Care Infrastructure Development

The global gap in access to care for behavioral health demands new and innovative approaches to program development. Technotherapy consulting creates a roadmap for organizations to effectively address behavioral health impacts and outcomes. 


Substance use disorder is a significant contributing factor to lowering outcomes and productivity. This is true for both domestic and international education, health, workforce training and other programs. For example, children are greatly impacted when parents are suffering from substance use and process addictions, wives and husbands are affected by their partner's mental health. If your programming is looking to integrate mental health components, we are here to help. 


Technotherapy offers consulting for analyzing program objectives in light of mental health impacts. Our analysis and programming are designed to effect positive change and improve outcomes.


Inspired by the vision of recovery everywhere our consulting is designed to increase human development outcomes in a variety of settings.


Please contact us to learn how Technotherapy Consulting is a vital asset to 21st century project development.