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Behavioral Health Care Infrastructure Development

The global gap in access to care for behavioral health demands new and innovative approaches to program development. Technotherapy consulting creates a roadmap for organizations to effectively address behavioral health impacts and outcomes.


Inspired by the vision of recovery everywhere our consulting is designed to increase human development outcomes in a variety of settings.


Please contact us to learn how Technotherapy Consulting is a vital asset to 21st century project development. 

Stephanie Sheridan, MA, directs Technotherapy's consulting practice, working closely with the clinical team. She is an experienced company developer, consultant, and mentor with a history of working with co-founders and clients to empower and enhance projects and lives. She is skilled in developing vision and generating follow-through on large, complex goals. Stephanie joined Technotherapy in December 2018 as a Co-Founder and Managing Director of Strategic Growth.

Stephanie has served in economic development and social impact projects in Africa, Latin America, Eastern Europe and the United States.  She brings a global perspective, blending compassionate and strategic thinking, to solving big problems. She is a person in long term recovery and her passion is increasing access to mental health care for people in all areas of the world. 

Stephanie received a Masters of Arts in International Economics from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies in 2010.