Technotherapy Starter Kit

We have developed a comprehensive Technotherapy Starter Kit (Google doc, 16pp) document for new and prospective patients detailing our practices and policies.   

Rates & Services

We never want funds or insurance status to stop you from working with us if you are ready to start. We are in-network with Cigna and Aetna, and work with all other insurers out-of-network.  Our Rates & Services Schedule details how our sliding scale works and payment options.

Payment Options

We are committed to serving all who wish to work with us, and not allowing a lack of funds or current health insurance to be a barrier to getting services when you need them. At your intake, you will discuss one of the following options with your clinician, and work with them to set out a clear plan for payment that is manageable for you.

  • Private Pay: If you do not wish to use insurance, then our standard policy is to require you to pay in full via credit card when services are rendered, and you will be auto-billed via credit card on the day of service.  We do ask you to disclose your annual family income, and we set the cost to you per the above fee schedule.

  • Out-of-Network with Courtesy Billing: We collect payment from you directly at the time of services rendered via credit card, and then we send a monthly courtesy bill to your insurer directly, specifying that they send the reimbursement directly over to you.

  • In-Network: If you have Medicare/Medicaid or an in-network insurer, then you pay only your policy’s standard co-pay at the time of service. At your option, the total co-pays for the month can be combined into an agreed-upon single monthly amount.  We bill your insurer for the remainder and collect reimbursement directly from them.

  • Sliding Scale with Payment Plan: If you have no insurance or you have out-of-network insurance, and you are also cannot afford to pay out of pocket at the time services are rendered, we will work out an agreed-upon partial payment schedule based on the Public/Medicaid rate. This plan will clarify how we will handle billing for co-pays, and how we will bill your insurance if you have it, and we then work with them directly to reimburse us. In this case, we add a 10% billing service fee to your total cost, as dealing with insurance directly for us to get reimbursed as a provider can be very resource-intensive. With this option, you will not have to pay out-of-pocket up-front beyond what you can reasonably afford, so it allows you to begin care right away on a payment plan that works for you, and to spread out your payments over time.

Our Commitment to Recovery Everywhere & Universal Access

We are committed to recovery everywhere, meaning we re-invest all funds we receive toward furthering support for universal access to world-class behavioral healthcare until that mission is accomplished, globally.